Top 6 Reasons to Use Facebook Business

Brian Grinonneau

There are hundreds of reasons to use Facebook for your business. Whether you do the job yourself or hire it out to anyone, but your college junior niece who is majoring in computer science, here are the top 6.

  1. Your competitors have one. Yeah, we know all about standing out from the competition, but if you don’t have some of the same bells and whistles, you look lazy or technically challenged. Neither trait is endearing in 2011.
  2. Your customers want to research you. They’ll learn a hell of a lot more about you checking over posts, comments, pictures and so forth than they will from a website. Your Facebook page is you in real life, not the varnished, buttoned-down version found on a website.
  3. Facebook is one of the most powerful viral tools. A post on Facebook can ricochet around the web. Friends forward your info to friends who forward to friends and so it goes. The reach is infinite. (actually Facebook has a bit over 625,000,000 users–not an infinite number)
  4. It’s a customer service tool. Smart companies use Facebook to field customer service questions and concerns. You bet it’s scary to put yourself out there, but when you do, you show potential customers (see # 3) what you’re made of. And here’s a hint, if you listen, they’ll give you great insight into ways to improve your product and sales.
  5. Share information. And do it free. Give customers, prospects and surfers plenty of good information they can use. They’ll reward you by coming back again and again bringing their friends with them.
  6. Promote products and services RESPECTFULLY. You’ve been conditioned to sell, sell, sell. Facebook fans want to talk, talk, talk. So learn to listen, listen, listen and promote products and services your fans or likes have asked for. Sell gently and don’t ram a deal of the day through the screen constantly.

For many businesses, Facebook marketing is a game-changer that has a long-term, positive impact if done right. One social media critic recently said, “Social media, like Facebook, is a powerful marketing tool that nearly every business owner has screwed up.” Don’t screw it up. Research, study, and if you don’t have time, hire someone credible and reputable to do the job for you.


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