March 25, 2011

The Social Media Lies

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There are some great lies being told about what social media is and isn’t. Here are the BIG 3 Social Media Lies.

1. Social Media Marketing is Free

Actually, social media marketing costs a lot of your time and/or money. You can do it yourself if you’re willing to spend hundreds of hours interacting with people chatting, or you can save some time by hiring a consultant who has already put in the hours and can share shortcuts and personal connections. People who really know their social media will be busy and in-demand, and they’ll charge for their valuable time accordingly.

2. Social Media Is Best Handled By An Intern

Actually, Social Media is really easy to f- up. Who do you want as the public voice of your brand: your sister’s college sophomore who comes to work hung0ver, an outsourced guy in India with some English skills, – or you, yourself? It’s quite easy to offend people and stir up an online reputation problem, damage your company brand, or make a costly mistake. (like picking the wrong wording for your company Facebook fan page, which can never be changed — or forgetting a password and locking yourself out of a key account)

3. Social Media Will Result In Huge Sales Increases Immediately

Social media marketing will build sales, pump up cash flow and build long-term customer loyalty–it won’t do it tomorrow or the next day. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Will it pay for itself along the way? Probably. But the big prize comes for the business that solves the puzzle a piece at a time.

There are more lies about social media that’ll bite you in the ass if you believe them. Don’t do it. Be smart enough to know what you don’t know!


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