March 12, 2011

Who Should Handle Your Mobile Marketing?

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 Brian Grinonneau/President WhizFish

Text message marketing, sending offers to customers’ cell phone is called the most powerful form of advertising ever. Mobile coupons are redeemed at a rate 7 to 10 times higher than paper coupons and when surveyed the buying public said they prefer to get this kind of advertising more than any other type. Mobile is the next big thing in advertising because nearly the entire population carries a cell phone and 99% will read a text message sent to them.

Sending text messages is the fastest way to reach out to customers. Campaigns are sent in minutes when the customer is in the mood to buy. This kind of advertising was only dreamed about a few short years ago.

Anyone who receives your text messages must first grant you permission to send them. This so-called opt-in or subscription process is the law without any exceptions. It’s also good for you because your customers feel a stronger connection with you. WhizFish provides a dedicated specialist to help you determine your keyword or keywords and invite subscribers to your text message club. We do so with mentions on your website, social media pages, in-store signage and mentions in other forms of advertising you use. The offer might offer a chance to win something or promise special offers to text club members only by sending a text to the short code 41513.

As the subscriber base is built  and customers are opting in your specialist is helping you formulate messages that work to drive more sales and promote word of mouth advertising. We’ve had years of experience doing this and we work continually to increase your return on investment.

It is wise to plan your text message marketing strategy and look for ways to integrate it with other forms of advertising you use. Reaching customers, with a promotional message, at the time they are thinking about your product or service makes a big impact and there is no cost to change your message or offer every time you send a text.

Our pricing begins at $49 with message prices at only 10 cents and it’s pay as you go with no contract or commitment. It is turnkey for you. As  mentioned, we provide a dedicated specialist who’ll take care of everything for from attracting new subscribers to formulating messages to sending them and following up on results. There is no software for you to learn or extra work to perform. We do it for you.


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