February 8, 2011

Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising?

Like all advertising, the online medium(s) you choose have to work for your circumstances. There is no cookie-cutter approach where one size fits all. An advertising plan is based on individual needs and what works best.

With that said, is Facebook advertising or Google Adwords a better fit for a small to mid-sized business? Here is a quick review of what is offered in both:

Google Adwords

Ads are developed and displayed along side search results. If a surfer is looking for 1 pound hamburgers in Peoria and that’s what you sell, your ad will be shown alongside or on top of the search engine results.

Google has excellent reporting and its easy for customers to control their budget. Your ad is shown strictly based on search terms in a geographic area across a number of Google networks, including its monster search engine.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the new kid on  the block. There is no search component, but rather ads are displayed to very specific demographic groups in geographic areas. For instance a garden store owner can display an ad to women between 35-60 that have an interest in gardening or any one of  other interest areas you have determined as a fit.

The ads can also have a visual component which many believe to have a higher conversion rate. The budget is easy to control but a true analytics program is lacking other than tracking customer traffic at the website or storefront.

The Comparison

If you are a small to mid-sized business with a smaller budget I give the nod to Facebook advertising.  The reason is the ads, while reaching a smaller number of people than Google, are very targeted and have provided a better ROI. It comes down to the old adage, would you rather talk to 100 people who don’t care or 10 that do?

Facebook has mastered the idea that consumers want to be part of the conversation. Advertising has taken on a more social aspect.

Want to become part of the conversation and talk with your customers rather than at them? Use Facebook advertising first.


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